Enjoy the holidays richly

Oh goody, one less thing AdFreak has to shop for—gift tags. True, money isn’t everything, as Fallon and “Live richly” client Citi love to remind us. But even they know […]

Fit to be tied

With a chiseled physique to rival Thomas Jane’s and hair that might make Donald Trump cringe, John Basedow has been all over cable TV of late touting his “Fitness Made […]

Opie and Anthony fans invade Howard Stern appearance!

This just in to the AdFreak newsroom. It appears that Howard Stern’s appearance in Union Square today to give out free Sirius units (see post below) was — gasp! — […]

A great soundbite, fo’ shizzle

News of Snoop Dogg’s love of the Chrysler 300 (shown here) has made it all the way to the company’s CEO. Earlier today, Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler’s president and CEO, thanked […]

Nothing like Eliot Spitzer humor

As a rule, e-mail data restoration and archiving companies aren’t very funny. But Iron Mountain goes for laughs (or groans, if you happen to work for Merrill Lynch) with this […]

Oceanic’s unfriendly skies

Who wants to take up the marketing challenge for poor Oceanic Airlines? The carrier has had a bad autumn. In September, one of its jets went missing somewhere in the […]

Stern giving away Sirius receivers

We were down getting a lovely latte at the Mud Truck in Astor Place this morning and were handed this flier. Apparently Stern was in Union Square today, giving away […]

Caught with their pants down

Desperate networks take desperate measures. It’s probably no surprise that ABC walked into a wall with its Desperate Housewives nude gambit on Monday Night Football. This is, after all, the […]

Chicken flap

Burger King is firing up criticism that its “chicken fight” campaign, which features a 12-minute battle between two men outfitted as chickens, promotes the illegal sport of cockfighting.  For one, […]

Taming Viagra’s ‘Wild Thing’

AdFreak has been reading the Food and Drug Administration’s letter to Pfizer asking the company to pull two of its Viagra TV spots, and boy, it’s a doozy. The FDA […]