Forget Paris

AdFreak is still reeling, not just from watching too many junkie entertainment “news” shows last night but from hearing that tonight Barbara Walters of ABC will name Paris Hilton one […]

The bridge is still not for sale

The New York Post is reporting that the city will soon be selling all manner of tchotchkes bearing the logos of various departments, from the Sanitation Department to the Parks […]

Fockers, meet the parents

I was downright relieved last night that my 6-year-old was happily playing a CD-ROM game upstairs at 6:25 p.m. when an ad for the movie Meet the Fockers came on […]

Who’s up for a game of chess?

Product placement is all well and good, but what if your brand is cast as the villain, perhaps unfairly, in a documentary? That’s the position IBM is in—admittedly in a […]

Phone sex

So we were just kidding last Thursday when we predicted a Playboy Channel phone would follow quickly on the heels of the ESPN phone. But it turns out we actually […]

Mommy, why is everyone staring at me?

Your baby won’t know the difference, so go ahead and have some fun.  That’s the logic behind one of the weirdest product categories we’ve come across in a while: obscenity-laced […]

The Ministry of Silly Brands

We’ve apparently got Monty Python on the brain this week. Ever see an item in a store that stops you right in your tracks—and not necessarily because you want it? […]

Fun while it lasted

People are falling off the low-carb bandwagon like bread rolls piled too high at the buffet table. That’s according to The New York Times, which ran a huge story in […]

A birth-control pill by any other name

So lately we’ve been seeing ads for this birth-control pill called Yasmin, and even though it’s been for sale under that name, particularly in Europe, for some time, it strikes […]

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam …

Remember back in the happy-go-nutty dot-com days, when Hormel was grumpy that junk e-mail had earned the nickname “spam”? Didn’t people know—didn’t they care?!—that hardworking Hormel execs had come up […]