Connecticut’s prize fighters

Creatives often feel like they’re fighting tooth and nail to get great creative produced. The Advertising Club of Connecticut took that idea and ran with it in the call for […]

Strange bedfellows

For some reason, this news item that both Pfizer and Microsoft are suing online purveyors of fake Viagra cracked us up. (Maybe it’s been a long week.) On the face […]

You’re looking lovely today, Mrs. Bagwell

We know there’s been some skepticism about the guy who sold his forehead to SnoreStop. But we really think this story about the sale of a body part for the […]

Land of the free

No one’s approached us yet with the offer of free land, but if this story is any indication, it could happen soon. At least 30 rural American towns are now […]

The joy of sex

Before you buy someone a year’s supply of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, note one of the findings of an online poll by Hearst’s Shop Etc. magazine: 58 percent of respondents […]

Stealing the show

Giving credit where credit is due can be a sticky issue around agency creative departments. But at least two Super Bowl commercials made the process easy–they were practically the result […]

Testing testosterone

What to do with those high-testosterone people marauding around your office? Promote them. That’s the conclusion we draw, anyway, from a study by researchers at the University of Texas at […]

Wanted: bloggers

We were noticing on Gawker that there’s an alleged casting call right now for bloggers to appear in the 2005 branding campaign for Levi’s. Gawker points out that most bloggers […]

Fashion Week going to the dogs

As of this morning, we finally figured out why our life has seemed a bit lacking lately. We need to get a dog. Not to be a faithful, unconditionally-loving, drooling […]

No more soft landings

Next time you’re booked on American Airlines, better BYOP—that is, bring your own pillow, according to this story from USA Today. As a cost-cutting move, the financially-struggling airline is removing […]