ESPNever ending

Here’s a gift idea for that person in your life who can’t bear to be parted from his or her sports team for one minute: ESPN will begin offering a […]

What a long, strange Trippi it’s been

So what do politicos do once the election season is over? For one, they go on what might be called the blogging circuit. At least, that’s the case with Joe […]

We’re with it

OK, so now AdFreak feels totally happenin’—and just in the nick of time. It’s because the folks at Merriam-Webster have announced that the word of the year is “blog”—seeing as […]

Ken Jennings, H&R Block’s hero

Although H&R Block reportedly plans to sit out the upcoming Super Bowl rather than follow up last season’s singing-doll spot from Campbell Mithun, the accounting and auditing firm may want […]

Help! Desk!

Not that I watch or anything, but on Tuesday’s Amazing Race, the contestants, while charging around Sweden, had to look for “The World’s Largest I-kee-ay store!”—as the male half of […]

Fall into the gap

In the ’60s heyday of the “generation gap,” the parents really were just a generation older than their rebellious kids. Now a new report from the Centers for Disease Control […]

On a serious note

One of our new friends—caffeinegoddess of fellow ad blog Adland—sent us a link to this banner to remind people that today is World AIDS Day. Her e-mail was a good […]

Love, New York style

Too bad we missed the opportunity when our own nuptials occurred 10 years ago, because the New York Post is now actively soliciting wedding announcements via a big banner on […]

From Special K to Kommerce

There’s something about having a guy from Kellogg’s as potential commerce secretary of our great nation that makes us giggle a bit, like a kid who has a sugar-high from […]

You can’t be cereal

AdFreak worked at TCBY back in high school, and everyone seemed to have a thing for the toppings bar—a little bit of multicolored, mix-and-match heaven to brighten up the soul-crushing […]