First quarter

timnudd: well, the eagles are starting with the football. i guess that’s a good sign, since they’re the underdogs cpealet: I think New England is just getting greedy now. they […]

Second quarter

cpealet: ech. the eagles score. ok, I’m waiting for the shot of Will Smith in the stands. timnudd: always a good sign when the underdog scores first cpealet: i spose. […]

Third quarter

timnudd: that actually was a pretty decent halftime show cpealet: it was. I could have done without "Live and Let Die," but I’m of the school that after 1970 Paul […]

Fourth quarter

timnudd: i’m waiting for the tabasco ad. i loved the "mosquito," which i think was back in 1998. also quite enjoyed the toyota prius ad with the people walking in […]

Four score and 20 french fries ago?

As part of AdFreak’s monthlong celebration of President’s Day, we’d like to introduce all of you to … the Lincoln Fry, or as its blog says, “Meet the french fry […]

Maybe it’s not that good with the butterfly

Ever since MSN said earlier this week it would be launching a big new campaign to let everyone know it, too, has really good search, (just like Google and Yahoo […]

The curiously strong MP3 player

This isn’t an official Apple/Altoids product. But it is a pretty snazzy MP3 player, built by a recent MIT grad who was smitten with the funky industrial-design feel of the […]

Hide your iPod!

Speaking of curious MP3-player developments: Having an iPod is a cool thing, pretty much wherever you go. Except for one place in particular: Microsoft’s corporate campus in Redmond, Wash. Wired […]

Green and unseen

This just in from the Emerald Isle—a leprechaun’s been snubbed, and his work’s been axed from an upcoming Super Bowl spot. We wrote about the snub in Adweek this week […]

Ooh! Aah! What a banner

We’ve written about Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s online advertising for Virgin Atlantic before—specifically, the “complimentary weird dream interpreter.” But as we were checking our Yahoo! e-mail this morning, we spied […]