Anyone for a one-martini lunch?

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s diamond may have been as big as the Ritz-Carlton, but the Algonquin’s costs more. Added last Wednesday to the Manhattan hotel’s cocktail menu, the “Martini on the […]

Pass me a beer

The Wine Market Council is at it again. The trade group just finished testing a print ad campaign in Ohio and in January will poll its winery members to drum […]

Been down this runway before

Perhaps The Apprentice has morphed our perception of reality shows. But we tuned into Heidi Klum‘s new reality show, Runway, on Bravo last week, and all we kept thinking about […]

The joys of TV-hood

When commercials need to depict female happiness, they often do so by showing a mother joyously involved with her kids. All a sham, I’m afraid. A more realistic emblem of […]

Quacks like a parrot

Duck. Duck. Parrot? We’re still trying to wade through the news that the Aflac duck’s unmistakable quack, provided so vehemently by whiny comedian Gilbert Gottfried, is about to be upstaged […]

Special delivery from BBDO

H&R Block isn’t the only company that loves Ken Jennings. Jennings’ 74-game winning streak on Jeopardy! ended this week on a Final Jeopardy question: “What is H&R Block?” That firm […]

Webvan, still for sale

Every now and then, something makes me nostalgic for the dot-com era. Maybe it’s finding a paint-stained T-shirt in the bottom drawer from a dead Internet company that never got […]

Haunted by the anti-Santa

OK, a show of hands, please. Who was unnerved by the cover of this week’s New Yorker? We thought so. Pretty creepy, eh? Just as we were feeling all smug […]

Going to the mall? That’s un-American!

The last time we checked, it was fine—even legal—to open our mouths and spout an opinion. Why should marketing strategies be held to a different standard, especially if the resulting […]

Nike vs. Adidas: the soccer wars

Soccer remains the beautiful game, but the tussle in Europe between Adidas and Nike over soccer gear is getting ugly. They both make great soccer ads. Nike’s best might be […]