Ain’t nothing like the real thing

Everyone wants to be like Crispin Porter + Bogusky. But here comes a spoof Web site that’s actually called “Like Crispin Porter.” “Welcome to Like Crispin Porter,” it reads. “At […]

Getting a head

Looking to pad your wallet with a little extra cash now that the holidays are over? Maybe you should take a page from Andrew Fischer’s book and look in the […]

Bet you can drink just one

Dating back to the discovery of the "French paradox," medical researchers have been reporting evidence of the health benefits of moderate drinking. For instance, an article on the Web site […]

Burned out on the Apprentice

Am I the only one suffering from Apprentice burnout? After two seasons of having a hoot and a holler engaging in corporate voyeurism every Thursday, I entered this season feeling […]

When good bags go bad

Paper or plastic? If the San Francisco Commission on the Environment has its way, shoppers in this city may be paying extra no matter what kind of grocery bag they […]

Your world, presented commercial-free

The very manly-male writer Norman Mailer has, among other things, run for Mayor of New York City, and (allegedly) knifed one of his wives. (He’s had several.) But these days, […]

The exhausting job hunt

What does it take to get a job in advertising these days? Judging by the experience of one intrepid Toronto creative team—Brendan and Jana—it takes a baseball glove, a picture […]

Looking for evidence that marketers aren’t as technologically savvy as the consumers they want to reach? Here’s a good one. According to a report in today’s New York Times, the […]

Partyin’ like it’s 1990-1999

Is anyone really ready to be nostalgic about the ’90s? As in the 1990s? Robert Wattman, who already has clubs dedicated to the ’80s and ’70s, is. So he’s doing […]

Stifle that yodel!

Two weeks ago, we linked to a story about a Romanian couple who named their son Yahoo to celebrate the Web-based genesis of their relationship. (Then we made a joke […]