An affliction for the digital age

It dawned on me yesterday that the "incident" I experienced the other night on my way home was actually a case of profound techno-embarrassment. It happened Monday. I was on […]

Is Christmas ringing in your ears?

The hap- hap- happiest time of the year is getting a whole lot longer. According to reports in USA Today and The New York Times, more and more radio stations […]

My night with Pat

When MSNBC called the other day to find an “expert” to appear on Monday’s Scarborough Country and talk about the usual—“Sex in advertising: HAS IT GONE TOO FAR?”—of course I […]

Christmas shoppers: a prototype

We’ve found the ideal holiday shopper, and it’s probably not who you thought it was: It’s a married, wired, 60-year-old Midwestern man whose household income exceeds $50,000. At least, such […]

A rotten choice

“Here’s your burger/ No tomatoes/ You didn’t ask/ And now you got hosed.” Perhaps that should be Wendy’s new jingle after its dismaying decision to hold the tomatoes on all […]

Forget Paris

AdFreak is still reeling, not just from watching too many junkie entertainment “news” shows last night but from hearing that tonight Barbara Walters of ABC will name Paris Hilton one […]

The bridge is still not for sale

The New York Post is reporting that the city will soon be selling all manner of tchotchkes bearing the logos of various departments, from the Sanitation Department to the Parks […]

Fockers, meet the parents

I was downright relieved last night that my 6-year-old was happily playing a CD-ROM game upstairs at 6:25 p.m. when an ad for the movie Meet the Fockers came on […]

Who’s up for a game of chess?

Product placement is all well and good, but what if your brand is cast as the villain, perhaps unfairly, in a documentary? That’s the position IBM is in—admittedly in a […]

Phone sex

So we were just kidding last Thursday when we predicted a Playboy Channel phone would follow quickly on the heels of the ESPN phone. But it turns out we actually […]