Blockbuster’s blockbuster earnings call

Here’s a nice Friday time-waster for you, or you can call it as investment research: go to the Blockbuster site for full audio of the argument between Blockbuster CEO John […]

Mobsters demonstrate prescription drug preferences

We knew mobsters had brand preferences when it came to stuff like cars, but who knew they had such deeply-ingrained desires when it comes to prescription drugs? But yesterday’s announcement […]

Eating the flag: American Idol Pop-Tarts

I don’t know why I should be so amazed about the depths to which licensing has sunk, but could you take a moment and ponder this box of limited edition […]

Red Sox auction off a motorcycle

Attention Red Sox Nation! Beginning on Monday, Sox fans will be able to bid for a Harley-Davidson "Fat Boy" that has been autographed by the 2004 World Series Champion Red […]

Six feet under, brought to you by Costco

Maybe you read this week that Costco is now selling travel urns—well, they’re really boxes—on its Web site that meet “U.S. transportation security guidelines” and can be carried aboard a […]

New energy bar lets you eat like a soldier

American cuisine draws on lots of inspirations, but rarely is one of them the fare eaten by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now comes word that a trio […]

More gross-out news: Snake found in cereal box

Oooooh, I get it. It’s “gross things in food” season, and we have yet another example. It was reported in the U.K. yesterday that a 5-year-old lad opened a box […]

Do we really need creative bathrooms?

We can sometimes be a slave to trends, but we loved yesterday’s New York Times story jabbing at restaurants that make their bathrooms as inscrutable as possible. You may be […]

WeatherBug searches for twisters

Remember those endless road trips as a kid when the most exciting thing was how many padiddles you saw? Well, WeatherBug, a weather-tracking software, has taken the road trip to […]

Off-road with Vertis’ auto research

This should give pause to marketers who rely on purchasing-behavior research: The top-line finding of Vertis’ “proprietary Customer Focus 2005: Automotive Study” reveals that “the number one reason for many […]