Topic: Renaissance Hotels

How Hotels Are Luring Millennials in the Era of Airbnb

Rethinking lodging for young, broke and enthusiastic travelers

Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has been cited as a huge disrupter in the hotel industry, heralded as the next big thing in travel as consumers embraced the sharing…

Andrew Zimmern Eats Sea Urchin With Foodie Friends in Renaissance Hotel's Video Series

Giving business travelers some local flavor

Stuck in a new city on a business trip with nothing to do? Renaissance Hotels has you covered with its new video series featuring the best—and most unexpected—local food experiences…

Marriott Chain Adds Some Local Flavor

Renaissance Hotels goes native, using neighborhood tipsters to boost its online concierge service

Is Marriott’s Renaissance Hotels trying to be the next Yelp? To increase its social quotient, the hotel chain is letting locals participate in its Navigator program, Renaissance’s take on the…