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Boy-Band Parody Pits Hot Abs Against Mitt Romney

Hit video demands full disclosure

Full Frontal Freedom, a self-described anti-PAC created by artists committed to enhancing civil discourse by removing their clothes as frequently as possible, has scored a viral hit with its parody…

Study: Obama Bounce Tied to Ad Strategy

Overall convention spending was light

President Obama may have his ad strategy to thank for his post-Democratic National Convention 6 percentage point bounce. Both parties avoided a heavy ad schedule during the convention weeks. But Obama and…

Samsung Looks to Steal iPhone Thunder on Twitter

Brands use Promoted Tweets to hijack buzz

For users, Twitter’s all about the moment. For marketers, Twitter’s increasingly about hijacking the moment from competitors through the social site’s Promoted Tweet ads. That’s why it will be worth…

Infographic: Real-Time Sharing of Obama and Romney Ads Up to Election Day

Unruly Media tracks viral path of election videos on Twitter, Facebook, blogs

"If you're sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me, so am I." Barack Obama acknowledged, in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, that the "avalanche" of presidential campaign…

Larry Flynt Offers $1M Reward for Mitt Romney Tax Returns

Hackers, on your mark!

It’s no secret that Larry Flynt, the often-controversial founder and publisher of Hustler magazine, is not a fan of Mitt Romney. (Maybe that’s because the Republican nominee has said that…

Obama Attack Ads Fall Flat

Combative spots dominate strategy, but should they?

President Obama may want to rethink his ad strategy. Of the 22 ads the Obama for America campaign ran over the last 60 days, those attacking his GOP challenger are…

Data Points: Bad News

Coverage of the candidates is increasingly negative

If watching coverage of the presidential race leaves you with a touch of nausea, there's good reason: The portrayals of the candidates in the news has never been more negative,…

It's DNC's Week, but Romney Owns Twitter Ads

GOP-leaning groups buy up Promoted Trend ads

Republican groups have owned the Promoted Trend ad spot on Twitter so far during the week of the Democratic National Convention. On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee bought the marquee Twitter…

Mitt Romney's Speech in 140 Characters

Twitter ad copy sheds light on the GOP leader's big speech

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's promoted trend ad on Twitter today sheds light on what will likely be the major themes of his prime-time speech at the GOP's national convention…