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Any Idea What These Remarkably Subtle Mercedes-Benz Ads Are Trying to Say?

Some clues hold the answer

Subtlety is a valuable thing in advertising, as consumers will always feel better about a brand that lets them connect the dots instead of hammering them over the head. But…

Ad of the Day: Harrowing Abortion Tutorials Show How to Violently End a Pregnancy

Grey Chile's PSAs back legislation to ease ban

Chile is one of only a handful of countries in the world where abortion is illegal in all its forms without exception. New legislation could ease that restriction in cases…

Ad of the Day: Chilean Miners Star in Year's Most Electrifying World Cup Spot

Pep talk about the Group of Death

Less than a month after the 2010 World Cup wrapped up, a major mining accident in Chile made headlines around the world, as 33 miners were trapped by a cave-in.…

Is This the Most Evil and Sadistic Prankvertising Stunt Yet?

LG's doomsday scenario

We've seen all manner of prankvertising over the past few years, but this campaign from LG—if it's real and not staged—could be the most brutal example yet. (It's also questionably…

Hand Sanitizer Ad Warns You're Just a Few Shakes Away From a Sex Toy

Havas gets naughty for Dettol

UPDATE: We have removed this ad at the request of Havas Worldwide, which tells Adweek: "The Dettol work published in Chile was not the product of a brief issued by…