David Griner

David Griner

Creative and Innovation Editor
David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad." He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade.

With MeidasTouch, 3 Brothers Are Creating Visceral Ads by Using Trump’s Words Against Him

Exclusive: An attorney for Kaepernick, an editor for Ellen and an agency pro are generating views by the millions.

LG Poland Apologizes for Sexist TikTok Video About Taking Upskirt Photos

One viewer said it reached 20 million views before being deleted.

Lizzo Covers The Beatles for Facebook’s Ad Launching Messenger Rooms

Michel and Olivier Gondry direct the spot, set to a new version of 'All Together Now' and created entirely in quarantine.

‘Empire State of Mind’ Makes First Ad Appearance as an Anthem to NYC Healthcare Heroes

Alicia Keys, Jay-Z approved its use for Montefiore after seeing its role in patients' recovery.

For 5 Decades, Jerry Stiller Was Advertising’s Beloved Curmudgeon

From spots for Jack in the Box to Nike, he was a frequent ad star, often alongside his wife, Anne Meara.

You Can Only Read This Social Distancing Ad From 6 Feet Away

A Finnish retailer ran an optical illusion on a newspaper's front page to promote safe distance as lockdown restrictions ease.

Ryan Reynolds Wants You to Bring Home the Simple Pleasures (and Regrets) of Bar Life

His new Aviation Gin ad encourages online ordering, with 30% going to struggling bartenders.

A Bookstore Just Shocked Fans and Boosted Sales 200% With Its Brilliant Quarantine Pivot

The Wild Detectives became a travel agency with a literary twist thanks to agency Dieste.

In These ‘Sucky’ Times, Coors Light Is Now Offering Free Beers

Nominations via #CouldUseABeer will earn a free 6-pack via new campaign from DDB.

Don’t Want to Touch Public Door Handles? An Agency Invented a Way Around It

TBWA\Helsinki puts recycled consumer plastic to new use via 3D printing.