Warning: Reading this item may result in laughter

The organization that conducts the annual Wacky Warning Labels Competition—Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch—does so to make a point about our overly-litigious society, but we’re in this item strictly for laughs. […]

The tide turns

Beach and surfing ad themes should be off limits for a while following the devastation brought on by the Asian tsunami. (Though we could have sworn that during last night’s […]


Apparently, Fox has decided that Mickey Rooney’s a— is akin to Janet Jackson’s b—b when it comes to public consumption. (We apologize for the hyphens, but we can’t afford to […]

Beer brawl

Anheuser-Busch and Miller Brewing have never been friendly, but A-B has been so dominant for so long there wasn’t much bite to their battle for many years. That’s all changed […]

Uh oh

If you’re looking for signs that blogging, as we’ve known it, is over, here’s some evidence: Interpublic’s MWW Group has set up a blogging subsidiary. Called Blog 360 (hey, hasn’t […]

Our Axe coverage continues

Through the beneficence of our friends at adland, AdFreak is pleased to offer this news update as part of our continuing coverage of advertising for Unilever’s Axe. Adland passed along […]

Watch the consumer culture grow!

So here’s a fun/scary site that we came across entirely randomly. It’s the U.S. Census Bureau’s World POPClock Projection, and it estimates the population of the world at the exact […]

Is bigger better? Maybe not

Is your commercial fit to be supersized? It had better be. The thought comes to mind in reading a USA Today story about the Consumer Electronics Show, going on this […]

The greatest Knight of all

It could be the greatest ad of all time. For its first Super Bowl foray, MBNA enlists Gladys Knight—yes, ’70s soul diva Gladys Knight, of “Midnight Train to Georgia” fame—for […]

And take your bow tie with you

The news that serial bow-tie wearer Tucker Carlson is leaving CNN and that Crossfire is going the way of Connie Chung’s ill-fated CNN prime-time slot caught my eye this morning. […]