Hillary Clinton's New Anti-Trump Ad Lets His Own Party Do All the Trash Talking

Making the most of a contentious GOP primary

Hillary Clinton's newest ad, published to her campaign's Facebook and Twitter accounts today, is packed with negative comments about Donald Trump—yet Clinton herself never has to say a word. The ad…

See Joan Run (for Office) in This Agency's Charming, Pro-Woman Take on Dick and Jane

Because we've got too many Dicks already

Here's the funny thing about Dick and Jane books: We're aware they existed but don't actually remember reading them as kids (probably because their social high point was between the…

This Ad Campaign Is Targeting People Who Hate Themselves for Making Ad Campaigns

Helping creatives escape consumerism

This morning, on the way to work, the employees of a few major United Kingdom-based ad agencies came across a message meant just for them. Just in time for International Day…

Convicted Murderers Learn to Save Lives With First Aid in Controversial Red Cross Campaign

Grey spearheads a study in redemption

"Is it easier to take a life, or to save one?" That's the question posed by ad agency Grey for the Polish Red Cross in "Life After Death," a poignant, polarizing…

Two British Creatives Posted Refugee 'Homes' on Airbnb to Raise Money for Relief

But is it helpful or harmful?

To bring attention to the awful conditions of the infamous refugee camp in Calais, France, colloquially called "The Jungle," London-based creatives Jason Scott and Joris Philippart listed examples of refugee…

Darkly Comic Campaign Shows Women the Tool We Really Need to Ensure Gender Parity

Yes, it's Business Bulge underwear

For International Women's Day, the Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation (YM4GE) is offering us a practical, immediate solution to the pay parity problem: The Business Bulge, a pair of…

Diabolical House of Cards Ads in D.C. Metro Reference a Crime Committed There on the Show

Underwood is 'a push in the right direction'

New ads for House of Cards reference a now-infamous scene early in Season 2 where—spoiler alert—Frank Underwood pushes a certain aquaintance in front of a D.C. Metro train. Meant to…'s Captain Obvious Is Running for President, and He's Already Been Everywhere

Pun-driven campaign launches 50-state tour

As if the 2016 presidential election weren't enough of a farce already, a new clown is throwing his hat in the ring:'s mascot, Captain Obvious.  In Crispin Porter + Bogusky's…

Who's Winning the Ad Battle Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Experts Weigh In

Industry leaders review the spots so far

     Just a few months ago, the Democratic nomination looked like a cakewalk for Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders has consistently gained momentum, fueled in part by emotionally powerful advertising. As primary…

How Effective Have Donald Trump's and Ted Cruz's Campaign Ads Been?

Voter reactions a few days before Iowa

Donald Trump's support among blue collar voters doubles when Ted Cruz attacks him in ads, but those same attacks boost Cruz's support among middle-class men. And while Trump's ads don't…