Agencies 3.0 Issue 2017

This Creative Agency Made Poster-Sized, Bacteria-Filled Petri Dishes and Put Them in a Mall

For The Electric Factory Group, the point isn’t to prove that posters work but that the staff can rethink traditional approaches to any medium.

How a Rogue McDonald’s Franchisee Invented the Big Mac and Changed Fast Food Forever

How the Big Mac became the McDonald's behemoth.

Q&A: Discovery’s New Ad Sales Chief on Taking Over From a Legend

Ben Price, who succeeded Joe Abruzzese, discusses preparations for this year's upfronts, digital deals and what he learned from his predecessor.

How theSkimm Is Informing Millennial Women About Politics Without Taking Sides

The growing media brand is launching a new project about immigration reform and connecting readers with different viewpoints.

Snap’s Ad Business Could Slow Down Even as It Speeds Toward an IPO

Agencies are still struggling to excel at vertical video.

Marketers Everywhere Are Rethinking Middle America Post-Trump. Inside One Effort to Help Them

The election of Donald Trump didn’t just shake up the number-crunchers; it affected agencies and their clients, too.

3 Steps Brands Can Take to Have Personalized Conversations With Consumers in the Age of Automation

Automated media systems are transforming traditional advertising into brand advising and making personal, human storytelling possible at scale.

Infographic: What Millennials Want Online and Off

When it comes to advertising, Gen Y is surprisingly receptive to old-school TV spots and telemarketing.

Nielsen Is Preparing for Its Total Content Ratings to Go Public This Week

TV execs are eager to start capitalizing on the data from TCR and Nielsen’s Total Audience platform.

These 12 Agencies Have Masterfully Adapted in an Increasingly Digital Marketplace

Faced with the relentless onslaught of change, agencies have been forced to adapt quickly or risk irrelevance.