NetEase, Mattel Launched Uno on Facebook Messenger

Users can play with friends and strangers around the world

Uno is now available to play on Messenger - Credit by NetEase, Mattel

NetEase and Mattel launched Uno on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to play the classic card game with friends and strangers around the world.

Uno features three different gameplay modes. Quick Play offers traditional Uno rules and gameplay, while 2v2 Mode allows users to team up with a friend in a two-on-two match. Finally, Room Mode allows users to host a room of up to eight players. Depending on the mode, users can customize their experience with different rule sets.

As a social game, Uno includes an in-game friend system that lets users send and receive friend requests to other players. Users can also share the game with their Facebook friends.

NetEase and Mattel launched Uno on Messenger

Uno on Messenger is the first release from Mattel163. The development studio is a joint venture between NetEase and Mattel, and it will release a variety of digital and educational experiences based on Mattel’s brands.

This new version of Uno is also expected to launch on iOS and Android this spring, and it will include additional features.