NetEase Announces Lunar Flowers, The Beautiful Dream for iOS

Both games will be free to download and will not include in-app purchases.

Chinese video game company NetEase Games has announced the upcoming release of two free iOS games: Lunar Flowers and The Beautiful Dream. Both titles will be completely free (without in-app purchases), and are part of the company’s expansion into the West.

NetEase’s first upcoming game, Lunar Flowers, is described as a ‘single-swipe puzzle game’ which asks players to guide a princess through a magical dream. The dream will take players through moonlit worlds where they’ll ride a dragon, float in a boat across the water and climb a ‘stairway to heaven.’

Lunar Flowers

The Beautiful Dream, meanwhile, is a 2-D puzzle game, which will ask players to guide their hero on a quest to reunite with his lost love. The game is based on the Chinese poem Peony Pavilion, and will include traditional Chinese art in each puzzle. Puzzles are based on colors, shapes and the seasons of the year, while additional mini-games will offer extra gameplay.

Lunar Flowers and The Beautiful Dream are expected to release on the iTunes App store later this year.

The Beautiful Dream

In a statement, David Ting, general manager of NetEase North America, commented:

Lunar Flowers and The Beautiful Dream represent our passion for sharing NetEase Games’ creative talent, culture, and art with gamers around the world. We’re releasing these games completely free to celebrate the artistic capabilities of our development team in China as well as the depth of our title slate.

NetEase has also recently revealed a new set of games heading into closed beta testing. These include Eternal Arena, an action RPG which allows players to train a team of heroes and command them across ‘over 15 game modes,’ and Tome of the Sun, another action RPG which sees players taking on the role of childlike wizards on a quest to bring peace to the world. Finally, March of Heroes is a strategy RPG which combines city-building and resource management as players recruit an army and send them into battle in campaign, arena and endless tower modes. All three games are targeted at mid-to-hardcore players.

Interested players can sign up for each closed beta here. Check back soon for more.