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Taylor Dua

Taylor Dua is a freelance writer for Adweek covering brand creativity and agency business.

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LG Teams Up With Round Two for Cross-Country Clothing Swap to Reduce Waste

Fashion & Apparel

LG and Round Two plan a cross-country trip across the Southwest to trade used clothing and reduce waste.

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Milwaukee Shows How Local Partnerships Can Spread the Word About Getting Vaccinated

Adapting to Crisis

Created by Hanson Dodge, the campaign features "authentic voices" from local residents.

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Subaru Crosstrek Ad Highlights Importance of Caring for Others and Cats


The "Barn Wedding" spot is the latest in the Subaru Love Promise brand platform.

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Lego’s Drive to Teach Polish Kids How to Be Eco-Friendly Beats Target by Over 300%


'Green Instructions' was created by Ogilvy to help Europe's most polluted country.

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Moonpig Introduces Cute Mascots in Costumes as Online Card Company Embraces its Roots


The new campaign is the largest from the brand since its IPO in February.

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This Brand’s ‘Modern-Day Beauty Pageant’ Uses TikTok to Go Beyond Gender Stereotypes


Contestants will curate a look for each of the three themes and tag their videos with each respective hashtag, which will be judged by makeup artist Abby Roberts.