Neil Vidyarthi

Getting to the Games: iPhone App Store vs Facebook App Directory

That said, I often find myself wondering how the current Facebook and iPhone application directories contrast in their job of presenting a user with interesting new game content. I analyze that here, looking at the areas of first discovery, navigation, sorting and suggestions.

BBC Worldwide Pushes Into The Games Industry

MCV Games is reporting that BBC Worldwide is taking a step back into the gaming arena, having engaged in talks with publishers and developers to turn key franchises into multi-platform game products. Although the timing has yet to be announced, BBC is looking to aim at a younger demographic and release games on the Wii, DS, iPhone and Facebook.

Monetizing through Virtual Currencies: What Video can learn from Social Games

As an amateur video maker who works in social games, I find it extremely surprising that Social Games, once derided as having no possible profit potential, are able to generate powerful revenues. Because in the video world, 'monetizing content' is still a far-away dream.