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5 Things PR Can Learn from Transformers

Because sometimes PR people need a parachute to help slow them down. ICYMI: Michael Bay blew another part of Hong Kong and Detroit into the Stone Age with the unveiling […]

5 Things Wrong with the Press Release

Once upon a time, there was a tool called the press release. It was the largest hammer, longest nail, and strongest muscle all in one. Flacks were able to write […]

WhatsApp: 5 things Co-Founder Brian Acton said about the Facebook deal

Wednesday night, WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton spoke at the StartX OpenX closing party in Palo Alto, giving some interesting information about his company’s acquisition by Facebook. It was Acton’s first […]

5 Things PR Pros Should Know About Blogging

We are asked many interesting questions here at PRNewser. Some of the questions are serious queries into the progression of our craft. Other thoughts come from those who read “Anonymous […]

5 things your business needs to consider before starting a Facebook page

Facebook has 1.15 billion users. Each of these users spends an average of 8.3 hours a month on the site. You don’t have to be a genius at math to […]

5 Things PR Pros Do to Prepare for the Weekend

We feel you, Fido. It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere. Ever had one of those weeks when you just couldn’t wait for Friday at 5 p.m.? Of course, you have. So have […]

5 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Domain Name

Here’s the strangest thing about URLs and the act of finding the right domain name: it’s quickly becoming the job of PR professionals. Because available domain names are being purchased […]

5 Things: The Best PRNewser Listicle Posts of Q1

ICYMI: We have been having some fun with listicles. You know? The posts that begin with “5 Things…“ They get your attention, and for good reason because we try to […]

5 Things Young PR Pros Should Know to Get a Job

About that? So am I … just sayin’. ICYMI: The U.S. job market is doing a skosh better than it was years ago. That said, there are a few jobs […]

5 Things to Know About Choosing the Right Keywords

The phrase is content strategy. And, whether you feel confident about it or not, my fellow flacks, this is slowly becoming your bag in PR. SEO is an ever-evolving thing. It’s like […]