Facebook Working on MySpace Music Killer?

Apparently the “rumor” that I started yesterday has some legs to the story. According to Rafat Ali, Facebook is launching an artist platform. While I feel no need to reveal […]

Rumor: Tagged Platform will mimic Facebook Platform APIs

Shortly after Facebook launched the Platform in May of this year, LinkedIn announced that it would be offering its own platform in “9 to 12 months”. Since then, expectations have […]

New Facebook Research from O’Reilly and Compete

Tim O’Reilly released a new research report on the Facebook Platform this week. The $149 report includes 2 free updates as things are so rapidly changing, and includes selections by […]

Afternoon Session: How to Get Your Facebook App Funded

1:10pm This afternoon’s session at CommunityNext Platform is on funding – where and how do you get your apps funded? The panel includes: Naval Ravikant of Hit Forge Andrew Braccia […]

The Longtail of Facebook

O’Reilly has published a new report covering the Facebook platform. There are definitely some interesting statistics in the report. 87% of the usage goes to only 84 applications on the […]

Live from CommunityNext Platform: Advice from top independent Facebook app developers

10:40am Hi everyone, we’re here at CommunityNext Platform in Sunnyvale. This morning’s session is “Soup to Nuts: advice from top independent Facebook application developers,” with: Craig Ulliott of Where I’ve […]

Akash, CTO of Hi5, Talks at CommunityNext

Facebook Flyer Exchange Cracks Through The Ice

Last week I posted about a new application that exploited Facebook’s available space where they typically place a banner ad. As of today, the thin ice that Flyer Exchange was […]

AirG Reaches 20 Million Mobile Users

MediaPost reports that AirG, the Canadian company that powers mobile communities across providers like Verizon, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, announced that it reached the 20 million user mark. AirG works […]

NBC Asks Justice Department For Help With Piracy

The chief executive of NBC Universal on Wednesday said piracy of copyright movies, music and other goods is “getting worse, not better” and urged the Justice Department to step up […]