TikTok’s First Shoppable Livestream to Feature Gear Addressing Trump’s Ire

The platform teamed up with video shopping company Ntwrk, artist Joshua Vides

The hoodie and T-shirt bear messages of support for TikTok. Joshua Vides/Ntwrk/TikTok

Artist and designer Joshua Vides will star in the first-ever shoppable livestream on TikTok, in collaboration with mobile-first video shopping platform Ntwrk.

And the partnership is not shying away from addressing the company’s latest controversy with the White House.

Ntwrk is what would happen if “old-school QVC, Instagram Live and Complex Networks had a baby,” as president Moksha Fitzgibbons described the 18-month-old company to Adweek.

Under the collaboration, Vides will debut a limited-edition apparel collection inspired by the popular #fitcheck videos, in which TikTok users show off their new clothes and looks. TikTok users will get early access to the two items in that collection via a special livestream, powered by Ntwrk.

The hoodie and T-shirt bear messages of support for TikTok as it grapples with multiple executive orders from President Donald Trump, featuring the platform’s logo and the messages, “not going anywhere” and “here to stay.”

TikTok has been in headlines as of late, after Trump announced executive orders for its parent company, ByteDance, to divest from its properties in the U.S. over security concerns. The platform has long denied it stores data any differently than other social media platforms or shares that information with Beijing officials.

Through it all, Fitzgibbons said, “TikTok hasn’t been skittish.”

As with other product drops, Ntwrk will limit its offerings to fewer than six products, within a particular sales window, to avoid overwhelming potential buyers.

Usually, Fitzgibbons claimed, 90% of products sell out during their broadcast windows on Ntwrk. Transactions are completed via an overlay on TikTok’s platform that gives customers an easy-to-use interface, with one click to purchase, similar to Apple Pay.

Fitzgibbons said Ntwrk approached TikTok with the idea of extending Transfer, its two-day virtual festival, to the platform.

“We’re very excited to be collaborating for the first time with Ntwrk and Josh, and we hope the TikTok community and streetwear fans alike are, too,” TikTok head of global marketing Nick Tran said in an email. “We’ll always look for synergistic ways to bring the TikTok brand to life on- and off-platform.”

Transfer, which celebrates culture and design, is scheduled for Aug. 25 and 26. On its second day, Ntwrk will host the livestream on TikTok, featuring Vides, at 1 p.m. ET.

The exclusive items will be available for purchase via the livestream, as well as via the Ntwrk app starting at 3:30 p.m. ET, while supplies last.

The initiative will be promoted as a banner in TikTok’s Discover tab for three days, with TikTok talent pitching in as well, and Ntwrk using all of the tools at its disposal (social platforms, push notifications, email). The companies did not disclose financial details of the partnership.

The collaboration, Tran said, was a way to celebrate the company’s users. “The value and love that our community derives from TikTok is not lost on us,” he said.

“We are humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the community,” Tran added. “The statement is a reflection of their support and we, in collaboration with Josh’s brilliant creative mind, wanted to celebrate and memorialize that sentiment. TikTok is not going anywhere.”

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