Purpose-Driven Brands Need to Change Their Approach Post-Covid

Companies need to question what their real intent is

a colorful box with people standing on separate boxes and arrows pointing to the larger box
Covid-19 has challenged brands to reevaluate their purpose on a deeper, more philosophical level. Getty Images

For all the times marketers have used this battle-tested brief, surely none could have imagined a world like the one we’re in now. Plans and budgets have been slashed. Consumer needs have entirely shifted. Survival is what matters, above all else. That may come off as a bit dark, but the world as we know it has changed forever. Not only for consumers, but especially for the brands that serve them.

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@toda Eric Toda is a marketing executive known for building challenger brands. He is currently the global head of social at Facebook and has built brands at Gap Inc, Airbnb Snapchat and Nike.
@gabealonso Gabe Alonso is leading CRM strategy at Activision and obsessively watching Twitch in hopes it will make him a better gamer.