Peloton Wife Stars as Herself in the Greatest Sequel Ever: An Aviation Gin Ad

Ryan Reynolds with the save

Gin-ius Aviation Gin

It spurred a million think pieces and spoofs, and it’s the current enfant terrible of … er, terrible advertising. Yes, we’re talking about that Peloton ad that people either can’t get enough of or get away from fast enough.

There’s been all kinds of backlash about the pandering, sexist vibe the spot gives off and the actress who is the main character (dubbed Peloton Wife) is bearing the brunt of the jokes.

But she’s back.

This time, she’s in an ad for Aviation Gin, which hit social media on Friday night, doing a complete 180 in what could be the salvation story of the year.

Instead of on-the-move selfies favored by influencers (“Hey, guys!”), our now hero actress is at a bar, enjoying an Aviation Gin martini … or two. We get the same catatonic, glassy look—but, this time, our hero actor is among friends, who lend their support for perhaps the grim mistake she made in starring in one of the worst ads in recent memory. There’s no setup needed, because everyone is in on the gag.

Reynolds’ Aviation Gin most recently released an ad inside an ad inside an ad—call it the turducken of TV advertising—when he combined an ad for his spirits brand with his Netflix movie 6 Underground and a Samsung TV. Previously, Reynolds has squared off with Hugh Jackman and worked with Richard Branson, all in the name of touting his gin.

Chalk up yet another win for the marketing team at the Reynolds-owned liquor brand. This could be the coup of … well, at least the week.

We don’t know the actress’s name, yet, but this is all kinds of genius. Not only did Aviation Gin hijack a cultural moment, it got the real actress to star in this ad … no “re-envisioning,” no parody or satire, but the real deal.

Of course, this likely means there won’t be too much work from Peloton coming her way. But, at this point, does it really matter? Redemption usually comes well after a mistake is made, but to flip the script in a few days like this is the thing of legend. And our guess is that she’ll do just fine.

UPDATE: We have learned the identity of the main character in this saga. Her name is Monica Ruiz, and here is her IMDb page.

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.