Lil Jon and Kool-Aid Man Dropped a Christmas Track That’s Insane, Amazing and Addictive

Mcgarrybowen's creation will be stuck in your head all season

'Yeah' meets 'Oh Yeah' in this epic Christmas crossover. Kraft Heinz
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Move over, Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond, because the world of branded hip-hop just got a new unexpected duet: Lil Jon and Kool-Aid Man.

With their catchphrases being “Yeah!” and “Oh yeah!” respectively, it was obviously just a matter of time before these two came together, and the resulting track—”All I Really Want for Christmas”—is a worthy addition to the recent trend of branded music that shouldn’t work in any universe, yet manages to somehow be amazing.

Lyrically, it’s basically just Lil Jon letting you know that what he really wants for Christmas is not some warm feeling of reciprocal love, but rather a litany of luxuries on his long and detailed wishlist. Pausing on the list reveals exactly what he has in mind: a red Lamborghini, a diamond grill, a case of Cristal, some old-school vinyl and…a train set (among others).

But you don’t come to Lil Jon for the lyrics any more than you come to Kool-Aid Man for antioxidants. You’re here for the addictive ear worm, and this track doesn’t disappoint.

Created by agency mcgarrybowen Chicago and directed by Brad Bischoff, the video is one you can’t really look away from, and the song is maddeningly addictive. The only disappointment is probably when Kool-Aid Man finally gets on the mic, but then again, would we really want a 64-year-old carafe to be a rap phenom out of the gate?

Parent company Kraft Heinz says the goal of the song was to “give fans young and old the holiday party anthem they never knew they needed.” Mission accomplished, Kraft Heinz.

“It’s not every day people hear a song from two icons like Kool-Aid Man and Lil Jon,” says Rachel Drof, Kraft Heinz’s marketing director of beverages, in a statement about the track. “We love finding unexpected moments to bring fun in to peoples’ lives.”

You can find the track on pretty much every streaming platform, so now you can plan your holiday party playlist accordingly.


Client: Kraft Heinz
Vikramjeet Singh : Vice President, Marketing – US Beverages, Snacks and Deserts
Rachel Drof: Marketing Director
Eileen Suh: Associate Brand Marketing Manager
Maya McDonald: Social Media Manager

Creative Agency: mcgarrybowen Chicago
Tom Smith: Group Managing Director
EB Jackson: Account Director
Jennifer Raeber: Account Supervisor
Lucy Bahler: Account Executive
Sydney Spreen: Assistant Account Executive
Kurt Fries: Chief Creative Officer
Michael Straznickas: Executive Creative Director, Art
Dave Reger: Executive Creative Director, Copy
Scott Rench: Associate Creative Director, Art
John Wrend: Associate Creative Director, Copy
Max Franklin: Associate Art Director
Shawna Ross: Executive Director, Strategy
Kevin Kovanich: Director, Strategy
Lauren Hurlburt: Community Manager
Steve Ross: Director of Content Production
Sara Martin: Producer
Joann Baker: Director, Business Affairs
Alica Townsend: Senior Business Manager

Music Supervision: Good Ear Music Supervision
Morgan Thoryk, Music Supervision

Production: Club Paradise
Brad Bischoff: Director & Editor
Alex Hidalgo: Executive Producer

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."