Burger King Summons the Ghost of Ronald McDonald in Voice-Activated Bloody Mary Stunt

A spooky version of competitor's mascot appears in restaurant bathroom mirrors

ghost of ronald mcdonald
Burger King continues its tradition of mocking McDonald's, this time by resurrecting Ronald McDonald. Burger King / INGO Stockholm

Do you remember as a kid, standing terrified in front of the mirror as you said “Bloody Mary” three times, daring to keep only one eye open while fearing and hoping the royal ghost herself would appear?

The legend emerged back in the 1960s as a scary teenage party game and has appeared in popular novels, movies and TV series including Paranormal Activity and The X-files.

This Halloween, Burger King in Sweden and Denmark has resurrected this ghoulish folklore but with a twist that gives its biggest competitor, McDonald’s, a ribbing.

The fast-food chain has installed voice recognition and two-way smart mirrors across a selection of its restaurant restrooms in Sweden and Denmark, and is daring people to say “canceled clown” aloud three times—in a thinly veiled dig at McDonald’s having scaled back the role of its famous mascot a few years ago.

After the smart mirror detects the phrase being repeated, the clown is summoned. The restroom lights dramatically cut out as visual and sound effects make a pretty scary Ronald McDonald-inspired phantom appear in the mirror.

Swedish agency Ingo Stockholm created a short social teaser film for the stunt, which you can watch below.

If you’re brave enough, you can watch the ghastly ghoul himself appear in this film below. Do you dare?

Burger King has also continued its Halloween-themed marketing with a U.S. stunt titled “Scary Places,” which encourages consumers to drive by the abandoned sites of its shuttered competitors in order to claim a free Whopper.

When customers arrive at the closed restaurants—in Dayton, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Birmingham, Ala.; McHenry, Ill.; and Johnston, R.I.—they can redeem a coupon to get a free burger.

The mocking of McDonald’s is a hallmark of Burger King’s tongue-in-cheek marketing style, like when Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” lured fans all the way to McDonald’s just to unlock a 1-cent Whopper coupon and then drive away, and when BK’s ads about “clown-free birthday parties” used real pictures of kids crying to poke fun at Ronald McDonald.

Last month, the chain trolled its rival by responding to customer complaints across McDonald’s social channels with funny answers and link to redeem a free Whopper.

Speaking of the “Canceled Clown” campaign, Daniel Schröder, marketing director at Burger King Sweden, said: “The clown doesn’t seem to be happy with the way things ended. But we hope he finds his peace and can move on to bigger and better things.”

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