Vancouver- An LA Without Status Groceries

Loyola law professor Karl Manheim is quoted in today’s New York Times saying this about Vancouver, where he owns a small getaway condo: Vancouver is one of the greatest cities […]

Vanity Fair Oscar Party Goes Virtual

For the first time, Vanity Fair will be broadcasting a webcam feed from its Oscar party. (Unfortunately, the webcam will be placed at the entrance to the party, as opposed […]

PropaGannonGate Round-Up

PropaGannonGate continues to churn onwards, with just enough trickling tidbits to keep reporters and bloggers busy. The New York Times today and Editor & Publisher went and talked to former […]

What Peg saw at the revolution

We like how, after the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of Eason Jordan, the WSJ’s Peggy Noonan has discovered the existence and virtues of blogging. Today’s piece reads a bit like […]

Matt Drudge Rocks

You should read Donna Britt’s column today just because you’re unlikely to see this phrase ever published in the Washington Post again: “Matt Drudge has made me feel better about […]

PBS: Hearts like rabbits

See? No sooner does Congress and the Ghost Of Powell Past lean on what’s left of PBS to keep it clean than the pubcaster gets on its knees and starts […]



Audrey & Apple: They’re Baaaack

LA.COMfidential reports that the party-promoting team of Apple Via and Audrey Bernstein are working together again after a year-ish of hiatus. Not clear if Audrey Bernstein is using her real […]

More Subpoenas Coming for Journos?

Wasting no time in piggy-backing onto the Matthew Cooper/Judith Miller legal case this week, former Army scientist Steven J. Hatfill–whom you might remember from such federal investigations as the 2001 […]

NYT Buys

The New York Times Co. this afternoon agreed to buy Primedia’s for $410 million. The deal will be completed in four to six weeks. The NYT’s own story says […]