Enemies List: Jack Shafer vs. Judy Miller

Enemies List: Jack Shafer vs. Judy Miller

Conspiracy theory du jour: Slate secretly controlled by Microsoft!

Slate, Microsoft, conspiracy...

Budget, schmudget

Budgets: who needs 'em?


Via Atrios, we came across this gem in the NY Times today: The White House official who briefed reporters on the speech said Mr. Bush would take detailed positions on […]

Peg strikes back!

Peggy Noonan, apparently smarting from reactions (we’d like to think Fishbowl made a modest contribution) to her Jan. 21st vivisection of Bush’s Inaugural speech, today treats us to a rare […]

Adelphia Goes Porn-Crazy

Ex-Adelphia chief John Rigas must be a very unhappy man today. First, he’s awaiting sentencing having been convicted of embezzling from his own company. Now that company which he lovingly […]

Examiner I Think I Love You

Day 2 of the Examiner and we have a new favorite newspaper in D.C. As John Kerry might say, “Who among us could not love a newspaper whose front page […]

Crimes Against Urbanity (Bklyn Edition)

Crimes Against Urbanity (Bklyn Edition)

Does that mean they’ll change the Style Book?

This morning, Fishbowl seemingly received a great tip: The AP will now be our newest competition in this news space: Having realized they’ve been too dry and personality-free, the venerate […]

The Kit, The Fit

The Kit, The Fit