Brand Marketing

Chevy Gears Up Ad Budget 5-10%: Brand Wants Louder ‘Share of Voice,’ Sales Comeback to 50% of GM’s Total By David Kile

NEW YORK – Chevrolet general manager J.C. Perkins said last week that the troubled General Mot

Though Perkins declined to say how much, GM sources said Chevy’s budget will likely get a 5% to 10% bump.‘Jack Smith (GM ceo) told me he wants Chevy to get […]

New Line Cinema Reels In Pula as Marketing Chief

LOS ANGELES – New Line Cinema, the motion picture industry’s No. 1 independent studio, named Chris Pula president of theatrical marketing last week, raising a question about whether Pula might […]

Retailers put the squeeze on: downsizing by stores, rise in private labels hurts grocery manufacturers. By Jon Berry and John Sinis

NEW YORK–If you’re No. 2, you try harder. But what if you’re No. 3, 4 or 5? If y

For a microcosm, check the cereal aisle. Nabisco officially abandoned the category last week with the sale of Shredded Wheat and the rest of its ready-to-eat cereal brands to Kraft […]

MasterCard tries to appease bankers

Seeking to calm member banks’ concerns that it is becoming the brand of choice for nonbankers, MasterCard last week named an executive from its rank and file as its top […]

Shake that body: Revlon taps Young & Rubicam for international assignment

Revlon has selected Young & Rubicam for its international agency of record assignment, excluding the United States and Canada. The win could be worth between $40 million and $60 million, […]

Japan Looks Toward New Lifestyles — Consumers Will Prefer Quality Over Quantity as Society Evolves By Dave Barrage

TOKYO – Japanese attitudes toward family, upward mobility, business and the country’s relationshi

According to Dentsu, Japan’s domestic and foreign problems, some of which are deemed structural to the economy, will be addressed this year as the country tries to enact major social […]

OFF AND RUNNING — After a rough holiday season and key player changes, 1993 figures to be a real horse race among movie makers By BETSY SHARKE

Although still winded from a treacherous holiday season and a tight r

In fact, with 160 films planned for release – a 20% increase from ’92 – and recent personnel changes at the highest levels of Hollywood, this year’s box office derby […]

HOWDY, BEAVER CREEK: Time for the Annual Hue and Cry About Color Trends

What are the hot colors for 1993 and beyond? We’ll see hues that are ‘more yellow, more aged and softer, which reflects a sense of warmth and comfort’; and environmental […]

Four Finalists In SuperValu Review By Beth Heitzma

HOPKINS, MINN. – The Minneapolis division of SuperValu Stores, Inc., selected four finalists last week for its estimated $1-3 million advertising account and sour

Late last week, sources said although approximately 10 Minneapolis agencies received and responded to the preliminary questionnaire issued just before the end of the year, finalists were having second thoughts […]

GEARING DOWN: FCB Trims Staff at Santa Ana Office As Client Mazda Cuts Ad Budget By Shelly Garci

Foote, Cone & Belding, facing shrinking revenues as Mazda Motor of America, the only client at its Santa Ana, Calif.

The layoffs amount to 10% of the staff at the Orange County office, which had numbered 250.‘We’ve had to take these steps because of the economy, Mazda’s decision to downsize […]