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Walmart Is Urging People Everywhere to Do This One Simple Thing for Veterans

Saatchi promotes 'Greenlight a Vet'

Former U.S. military personnel discuss the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life in a series of straightforward yet stirring short videos from Saatchi & Saatchi New York promoting Walmart's…

Whoa, Why Do You Have a Section Called 'Fat Girl Costumes'?

Not a good look for the retailer

Either someone at Walmart has made a terrible mistake, or else the retailer's SEO trolling is top notch.  Jezebel points out this morning that Walmart's collection of Halloween costumes includes a…

LeBron Helps Samsung Videos Score in Another 'Galaxy'

Brand is No. 1 on the charts again

Samsung Galaxy can do no wrong, it seems, when joining forces with the sports world. For the second week in a row, the electronics brand tops the VideoWatch/VidIQ YouTube brand…

Infographic: Home Improvement Shoppers Use Online Video More Than TV

A lot of how-to, but plenty of ads as well

Tremor Video commissioned Millward Brown Digital and Frank Magid Associates to look at two years of online behaviors for two million Americans. Focusing on a subset of home improvement shoppers, the…

Investor Says Amazon Could Take on YouTube

Compares video site's domination to Walmart's

YouTube is like the Walmart of video, argued venture capitalist Mark Suster Thursday at the VidCon conference, explaining that the Google company is so dominant that video creators essentially have…

Walmart Proves People Will Literally Like Anything on Facebook

Leaf-pile post rakes in the love

As we already know, brands post the silliest stuff to Facebook. But what's truly remarkable is how people eat it up. The latest example: this Walmart photo, which has gotten…

Jewel Turns One of Her Children's Songs Into an Ode to Walmart

Singer's career comes full circle

Jewel's life came full circle with the release of her second children's album, The Merry Goes 'Round, when she sang one of the songs during a promotional appearance at Walmart—and…

Doomed by Facebook, Pitbull Agrees to Alaskan Exile

Rapper invites Walmart pranksters to join him

When 71,000 people want to exile you to one of the most remote places imaginable, there's not much you can do but grin and bear it. That's what Pitbull seems…

Pitbull Faces Alaskan Exile as Walmart's Facebook Promotion Is Hijacked

Rapper could be headed to Kodiak store

Attention, marketers: The Internet can be kind of a dick. Drink too much of the social-media Kool-Aid, and you'll wake up at the Facebook party with your eyebrows shaved off…

Meet the Three Products That Just Won a Place on Walmart's Shelves

'Get on the Shelf' contest wraps

Walmart's "Get on the Shelf" contest, which saw more than 4,000 inventors and small businesses compete for the chance to get their product into Walmart stores, has wrapped up, and…