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Vanessa Bayer Comes On to Everyone in an Elevator in Audi's Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof More clumsy kinkyness

Last week, Trojan took the piss out of the BDSM-light hype around Fifty Shades of Grey. And now Audi is joining the party with a new parody ad. Saturday Night Live's…

February 12, 2015, 10:38 AM EST

Audi Jumps in the Deep End With an Epic Tale of Rebellion at a Swimming Pool Brand lessons learned early

This Audi spot from Venables Bell & Partners presents a pint-size rebel with a full tummy who's eager to cannonball into a pool even though a sign clearly says, "Wait…

January 22, 2015, 12:17 PM EST

Tweet This Hashtag in NYC, and Reebok Could Run a Pair of Sneakers Over to You Floor-to-door service is yours

Starting today, New Yorkers who tweet their shoe size and address with the hashtag #ReebokHDS could get a visit from the brand's Human Dispatch Service. The team of runners will personally…

August 28, 2014, 1:08 PM EDT

Mutant 'Doberhuahuas' Attack the World in Audi's Super Bowl Ad No, it's not for a crossover

Audi's 2014 Super Bowl ad, like the mutant animal it imagines, is a bit of an odd beast. Following two teasers, the automaker on Monday released the full spot, from Venables…

January 27, 2014, 2:16 PM EST

The Most Uplifting Ad You'll See Today Is About a 15-Year-Old's Incredible Cancer Research Intel tells Jack Andraka's story

Here's one from the warm-and-fuzzies school of advertising. Jack Andraka, barely a teenager, decided to develop an early-detection test for pancreatic cancer after his uncle died from the disease. [UPDATE: AdFreak…

October 1, 2013, 1:59 PM EDT

Little Girl Clearly Explains How Google Fiber Is Like On-Demand Birdwatching Try to keep up, dummy

Venables Bell & Partners is launching another campaign for Google Fiber, and it's already a little more interesting than 72andSunny's recent Google Chromecast work, which was basically watching people watch television.…

August 9, 2013, 10:00 AM EDT

Venables Bell Lets Three Entrepreneurs Move In for Next to Nothing $10 for a year's rental to celebrate 10 years in business

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, San Francisco's Venables Bell & Partners organized an office-space contest. The ad agency posted a listing on Craigslist offering spots in its Union Square offices…

July 16, 2012, 8:36 AM EDT

Headlights Meet 'Twilight' in Audi's Super Bowl Spot Venables Bell takes a stab at vampire culture

Venables Bell & Partners half-embraces and half-spurns pop culture's obsession with vampires in its 60-second Super Bowl commercial, posted below. The spot, airing in the first ad break after the…

January 26, 2012, 12:14 PM EST

Phillips 66 Wants to Know What Weird and Pointless Skills You Have

Phillips 66 wants your stupid human tricks as part of a new ad campaign and national contest. But what the marketer is getting so far, with few exceptions, are a…

June 16, 2011, 1:53 PM EDT