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Is This Any Way to Sell a 'Razor Sharp' Eyeliner?

Urban Decay defends image that got scorched in social

Urban Decay's promotion of its Razor Sharp eyeliner, with what it called "Razor Sharp Swatches," has drawn the ire of some of its consumers. At issue is a photo the…

Triumph, Cuteness and Controversy Make the Olympics a Messy Mix on Social Media

From Bolt to Baby Phelps to #LochteGate

Thursday's buzziest moments from the Summer Olympics were a strange mix of triumph, cuteness and controversy. Media technology player 4C looked at the highlights and lowlights that garnered the most…

When Olympics Hero Simone Biles Met Her Crush, Zac Efron, the Internet Went Kablooey

As women dominate the social games

Simone Biles was already one of the biggest stars of the 2016 Olympics, thanks to the gymnast's high-flying, mesmerizing routines that have garnered her five medals during the last week.…

Which Brands Are Winning on Social Media in Rio?

Charts from Sprinklr show which marketing teams are earning gold

For the Rio Olympics, Adweek and Sprinklr have teamed up to keep track of how brands are performing across major social media channels.  Following the results on platforms during the first…

The 4 Biggest Moments From Olympics Weekend 2

Gold rush for Usain Bolt and Britain's Max Whitlock

Along with data company 4C, Adweek is tracking the top moments on social media from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Here are the buzziest moments from the second…

Twitter Is Now Letting Brands Sponsor Its Emoji-Like Stickers

Pepsi is the first to use the platform's new feature

Pepsi's massive campaign that uses emojis as a language is coming to Twitter. In June, Twitter launched stickers that let users overlay searchable emojis and graphics on top of their photos.…

The 5 Buzziest Moments From the Olympics' Opening Weekend

Team USA swimmer Madeline DiRado made a big impression

The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are now a few days in, and from here on out we'll be looking at the buzziest moments from the day before, by…

Twitter Is Helping Brands Drive Conversations With 'Instant Unlock Cards'

Users receive extra content for engagement

Twitter is hoping the allure of exclusive content might help brands better engage with consumers and drive conversation. The company is unveiling an "Instant Unlock Card" that encourages people to tweet…

Snapchat Influencers Start Labeling Social Endorsements as Paid Ads

FTC guidelines kick in with uptick in branded content

For months, brands have leaned heavily on Snapchat's biggest celebrities to run under-the-radar campaigns that subtly promote their products in the form of sponsored posts that are seen by influencers'…

The NFL Is the First Sports League to Get a Snapchat Discover Channel

All 32 teams will get geofilters for fans, too

The National Football League on Tuesday revealed that it signed a multiyear extension with Snapchat that will make the NFL the first sports league with a Snapchat Discover channel. According to…