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Diesel Creates an Alphabet of Dance to Promote Flexible New Jeans

Video takes you from the ballroom to the streets

Diesel's promoting its new Jogg jeans collection via a fun and informative A-to-Z of Dance video featuring all manner of talented dancers sporting the flexible jersey-denim hybrid line. Each letter represents…

The Fine Bros. Get Kids to Weigh In on Gay Marriage

Instant classic reaction video pops in social media

The Fine Bros. waded into the gay marriage debate—with a group of children. Last week, the duo's video, Kids React to Gay Marriage, featured a collection of kids' facial reactions while…

This Spoof of Miley's Wrecking Ball Is Quite Vivid

VideoWatch's Awesome Stupid Video of the Week, again inspired by Miley

Has a music artist ever has as big of a social media response, and in particular inspired such a wealth of YouTube response videos in such a short burst of…

Nude Miley Does Nearly 20 Million Views in 1 Day

Video for Wrecking Ball explodes on YouTube

Miley Cyrus practically made Vevo's servers blush. The twerking songstress debuted her latest video Wrecking Ball on Vevo yesterday. Just 24 hours later, the clip, in which a nude Cyrus straddles a ball…

Miley's Twerking Won't Stop Driving Video Views

Chicken-starring spoof tops YouTube charts; PewDiePie takes up five slots

The VMAs are two weeks old, but the impact of Miley Cyrus' titillating twerking session continues to be felt. An instructional clip featuring a twerking Barbie doll and a chicken…

Miley's Twerking Dominates YouTube

MTV enjoys post-VMA surge in last week's Web series ranking

Miley Cyrus' twerking episode sure got the world's attention, with everyone from Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski to The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan. The racy—some would say sexy, some would say desperate—performance lit…