Topic: Travel Sites

Ad of the Day:

W+K welcomes the lodging site to the U.S. with a spot full of unbridled joy

A crappy hotel room will cast a pretty dark cloud over a vacation. Don't get a crappy hotel room. Priceline-owned accommodations site is launching its first-ever TV campaign—a paean to…

Ad of the Day: Expedia

The travel site tells a cancer survivor's almost unbearably poignant story

Expedia's journey through darkness into light continues. The travel site isn't shying away from big, difficult topics in its "Find yours" campaign from 180 LA. Back in October, it unleashed a…

Priceline Buys Kayak for $1.8 Billion

Kayak sells after going public four months ago

Grab a paddle, Shatner. bought rival travel site Kayak for $1.8 billion in cash and stock, doling out $40 per share to Kayak’s shareholders, the firms said in a…

The Spot: Kayak's Crooner

The old lech recalls a time when a silky voice got you a great hotel room

IDEA: Who can resist the dulcet tones of a lecherous old crooner? Hotel staff can't. Or at least, they couldn't a generation ago, when the old windbag was in his…

Ad of the Day: Expedia

Travel site endorses gay marriage in long-form spot about a father's journey to understand his daughter

Whatever the risks and rewards may be, more and more brands are openly coming out in favor of same-sex marriage—with the significant attendant media coverage surely being part of the…

Ad of the Day:

Finding great deals on flights and hotels isn't brain surgery

For its latest commercial, Barton F. Graf 9000 and director Harold Einstein fall back on that timeless old comedy chestnut—the grotesque medical experiment. Seems our brain-surgeon hero doesn't have the…

Ad of the Day:

Travel site brings America down to size with 'Map World'

Travel site has always been a down-and-dirty direct response advertiser, hammering home its message of low prices without too much regard for creativity. Now, in a pair of new…