Topic: streaming media

Amazon Licenses Loads of Viacom Content

Pact covers material licensed by Netflix in a nonexclusive earlier deal

Hot on the heels of Verizon's announcement that it too would be entering the streaming content wars, Amazon has added a large library of Viacom content to its $79 per…

Skype Co-Founder Launching Vdio, a Netflix Competitor

Only available in the U.K. for now

With Netflix busy fighting its months-long battle against bad publicity, the time is ripe for a new video streaming service to knock the former giant from its perch. At least…

UltraViolet Adds Streaming Access to DVD and Blu-Ray

Studios, retailers, tech companies team up to save sales

With consumers watching movies on everything from their smartphones to their iPads, buying a DVD version that can only be played on a TV set or computer seems pretty limiting…

Netflix Reverses Its Qwikster Rebranding

DVD and streaming services won't be split up after all

Say goodbye to Qwikster. The short-lived Netflix spinoff is no more, according to a post on the Netflix blog by CEO Reed Hastings earlier today. Henceforth, mail-order DVDs and streaming…

Rdio Gets Competitive With Ad-Free, No-Cost Music Streaming

But it comes with limitations

Rdio, the music streaming service owned by Skype, announced yesterday that users can now listen to its 12-million song library free of charge. And in hopes of getting a leg…

Shazam's Free App Gets More Shazam'd

Music startup bets on advertising, more free tagging

Music startup Shazam is tweaking its business model today by removing one of the key limitations on the free version of its application—people will now be able to "tag" an…

Netflix Exec: Customers Can 'Vote With Their Checkbooks'

On last month's price hike

When Netflix announced its new pricing plan in July—splitting the existing $9.99 a month plan for streaming and DVDs into two separate $7.99 fees—many of the company’s angry customers took…

Starz Will End Netflix Partnership

Negotiations over renewal break down

Netflix stock slumped in after-hours trading late today after Starz Entertainment announced that it will not renew its distribution deal with the movie rental website when its contract expires in…

Facebook Signs Deal With Miramax

Users will be able to watch movies through a new app

Facebook has teamed with its third major movie studio in six months to increase its streaming content. The social network’s users will now be able to watch films from the…

Media Companies in Streaming War

Can they make money from streaming without killing TV?

There’s no denying the fact that online streaming is taking a big bite out of traditional television viewership. According to Nielsen, at any given time of day during the past…