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'Wired' Puts Out Steve Jobs E-Book

Mag takes candid look at its own coverage

While other publications scrambled to put out ink-on-paper editions on Steve Jobs, Wired turned to the e-book format for a commemorative product. Staffers worked late into the night Friday to get “Steve…

Inspired by Steve Jobs

Fans mark Apple CEO's passing by creating art

Apple had a famously loyal following, and for many fans, the connection was not just with the company and its products—it was with CEO Steve Jobs. In addition to being…

The Greatest Marketer of the Age

Steve Jobs demanded that his company build great products—and great advertising campaigns

Steve Jobs made computers and music players and telephones and tablets. But mostly what he sold were two things—beauty and truth. As Apple's core brand values, they were inseparable. His…

Adweek Art: The Two-Jobs Cover

An illustrative tribute to the man behind Apple

The Once and Future Steve Jobs

Is he a role model?

In 1998, Jay Chiat, whose agency, Chiat/Day, helped invent the Tao of Apple, was trying to convince me of Steve Jobs’ epochal importance. Jay and Steve had become good friends…

Lee Clow: Steve Jobs Was the 'Most Amazing Person I Have Ever Known'

Creative director's memo to TBWA staff

Lee Clow of TBWA was one of Steve Jobs's close friends and most trusted advisers. They created Apple's legendary "1984" spot together, reunited for "Think different" in 1997, and remained…

Michael Wolff: Interview Part 1

Richard Kirshenbaum interviews Adweek's Wolff about Steve Jobs and reporting on the ad business

Advertising Leaders Reflect on Jobs' Legacy

'He taught ad people that design was king'

Ad industry leaders reacted quickly and passionately today to the passing of Steve Jobs, whom they described in personal terms—almost as if they had lost a friend. Most, however, had never…

Steve Jobs' Death Breaks Twitter Records, Boosts Bio Sales

News led to 10,000 tweets per second

In the hours following Steve Jobs’ death, his millions of tech-minded admirers took to Twitter in record-breaking numbers to express their grief and celebrate the innovator’s life—resulting in the biggest…

Steve Jobs silhouetted inside the Apple logo

The Complex Life of Steve Jobs

Tech leaders remember their rival and friend

Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. who changed the world’s relationship with technology, died Wednesday at 56. Apple announced Jobs’ death in a statement on its…