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Pet Food Maker Gives Away 'Collar Cams' to Document Your Dog's Day

Lots of lawn shots, but zero selfies

There will be no question about who rummaged through the trash, shredded the sofa or butt-scooted across the carpet. The pet cam will tell all. But that's not really the…

Yahoo, Starcom Ink Video Series Partnership

Companies plan to roll out several data-driven projects

Yahoo and Starcom announced a new partnership centered around original Web video, personalized content and data-driven ads.  Terms of the deal are pretty vague, but the companies say the plan is…

Starcom, ANA trying to stamp out ad jargon

As a reporter, I'm on the receiving end of a seemingly endless string of idiotic buzzwords. Every industry has them, presumably as a way to separate insiders from interlopers.…