Topic: The Sports Issue

Perspective: The Backhand Boys

Two generations ago, tennis stars were good for a sneaker endorsement. Today, they've got the balls for much more

In the early 1970s, long before there were high-tech carbon-fiber tennis racquets and nitrogen-pressured tennis balls to help, Roscoe Tanner pioneered the sudden-death serve. He could send the ball screaming…

Data Points: Ad Scorecard

Despite rising costs, sponsors spend more each year to engage viewers during the big game

Even as ads are getting longer, fans are getting harder to reach. Super Bowl fans are demanding more of TV commercials, if they’re not muting them altogether. Infographic: Carlos Monteiro Click here to…

FCC Seeks Comment on NFL Blackout Rule

League regs forced local TV stations to black out 16 games

Sports blackouts are a sure way to make fans cry foul. It’s one of the reasons the Federal Communications Commission wants to shine a light on National Football League local…

Body Shots

A look at this year's best sports magazine covers

From ESPN’s celebration of the jock physique to Mad’s wicked commentary on the disgrace at Penn State, here’s a look at some of the year’s most memorable sports-themed magazine covers…

Puma Takes to the High Seas for Social Trials

Bloggers sent to Abu Dhabi to cover Volvo Ocean Race via Tumblr. London next?

Puma can’t yet legally discuss its Olympics marketing strategy, according to Remi Carlioz, the company’s head of digital marketing. But to get an idea of how Puma will promote its…

Yahoo's Fuchs: We're No. 1!

Head of sports, entertainment and games discusses competing with ESPN, Super Bowl XLVI

Yahoo Sports is more than a place for getting the latest scores and stats, says Ken Fuchs. As fans’ appetite for off-the-field action grows, his job at Yahoo is making…

The Multiple-Personality Stadiums

What happens when a stadium loses a sponsor again and again?

Some 70 percent of pro sports facilities have a corporate name over the front gate—or in the parking lot, on the scoreboard, even in the rest room. Brands have demonstrated…

AKQA, Nike Create French Connection

Digital agency to open Paris office

Thanks to Nike, AKQA’s Parisian dream is coming true. Adweek’s 2011 Digital Agency of the Year is opening an office in the Saint Germain quarter of the city, fueled by…

What Does an Insurance Company Need With a Stadium?

Corporate sponsors of the Giants' and Jets' home on what all those millions really do for their brands

A louvered fortress rooted in the swamp grass and asphalt of New Jersey’s Meadowlands, MetLife Stadium is as bluff and unassuming as its surroundings. Home to New York’s dual NFL…

Never Too Many Players on the Field

From Namath to Brady, teaming marketers and star athletes is a winning tactic (most of the time)

By the time the offer for the pantyhose commercial came in, gridiron god Joe Namath was already well into an agonizing decline. Knees jellied by repeated trauma, left hamstring rolled…