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Selfridges Promotes Female Strength With a Mystical, Magical and Powerful Lingerie Ad

Strength is the new empowerment

We're not in "Like a Girl" territory anymore.  As one Adweek editor thoughtfully put it this week, "Female strength is the new female empowerment." And while Always' charming campaign may have…

British Department Store Makes Life Quieter With 'Debranded' Products

Heinz, Marmite embrace 'No Noise'

British department store Selfridges, a purveyor of products from hundreds of corporate brands, is so sorry about how you are assaulted by corporate branding. So, as part of its new…

Louis Vuitton Plays Spot the Difference in Pair of 60-Second Ads

Can you see the discrepancies in Yayoi Kusama spots?

Fashion's not my thing. I own two pairs of pants, both tan corduroys. And I'm hopeless when it comes to Spot the Difference games. As a kid, I'd squint at…