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Fox, DirecTV Butting Heads in New Retrans Spat

Fight could put added pressure on FCC to reform process

Let the latest retransmission battle begin. Fox Networks and DirecTV have gotten off to a rocky start in their negotiations over carriage for Fox's 26 cable networks including FX, Fox…

Mediacom Tries Shaming FCC Into Action in Retrans Spat

Cable operator says regulator only cares about big market blackouts

Perhaps Mediacom Communications can shame the Federal Communications Commission into intervening in its 14-day retransmission standoff with LIN TV. In the second strongly worded letter it's sent to the commission since…

Retransmission Fees Set to Skyrocket

Overall hike projected at 28% this year

Cable and other pay TV operators won't like SNL Kagan's latest projections for retransmission fees, which SNL Kagan expects will grow 28 percent overall this year, to a total of…