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Reddit's First Branded Videos Will Feature Google and Lean on Subredditors' Creative Input

Campaign includes paid push on Upvoted

Nobody knows Reddit better than its passionate group of users, so the website is leaning on its tight-knit community to help create its first branded video series for Google. In May,…

Imgur's Office Vibe Is Fun and Funky, Just Like the Internet's Favorite Photo Platform

Tour its San Francisco HQ

If you ever want to know what the kids are up to these days, head over to Imgur. The 6-year-old image-sharing and hosting community is home to millions of images,…

Will Reddit's Stand-Alone News Site Prove to Be a Safe Haven for Advertisers?

Upvoted won't allow any comments

Coming off a summer of upheaval, Reddit is looking to get back into the public's good graces with its first stand-alone property, a news-focused site called Upvoted. Upvoted will look to…

Why Facebook's New Button May Not Actually Say 'Dislike' After All

Marketers need to get ready anyway

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today during a town hall-style event at his company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters that it's developing alternatives to the "like" button. Many observers immediately reported…

How an Alien Doodle Became Reddit's Simple, Versatile Logo

Meet Snoo, the most recognizable extraterrestrial since E.T.

This is the story of how a bored college kid let his mind wander in class and wound up changing the world. Wait—haven't we heard this one before? You bet…

Victoria Taylor Reflects on Her Time at Reddit and Life at the Center of a Media Maelstrom

After 2,500 AMAs, she believes 'everyone's a celebrity'

When Reddit's long-simmering user frustrations boiled over into full-blown revolt last month, Victoria Taylor quickly and unintentionally became the rebellion's most celebrated martyr. Best known for coordinating the site's popular Ask…

Reddit Considers Banning 'Anything That Harasses, Bullies or Abuses an Individual or Group'

Site may also exile racist forums behind opt-in wall

This afternoon, Reddit's recently re-appointed CEO, Steve Huffman, asked the site's massive readership to weigh in on new policies regarding the site's content. In a lengthy announcement post inviting users to ask…

These Digital Stats Show Exactly Why Google Fears Facebook Ads

Report reveals changes in the industry

Facebook continues to apply pressure to Google's ad business, showing that the social network's boldness is paying off, according to new research from Adobe. Adobe looked at the last three months…

Reddit's Big Challenge Is Drawing Newcomers to the Sprawling, Quirky Community

'Solve it, and we are unstoppable,' CEO says

Reddit's new CEO has revealed what he sees as the biggest issue facing his massive online community—how to attract and keep new users. It's a problem for many quirky, niche Internet…

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Steps Down After Outrage From Firing Talent Director

Co-founder Steve Huffman takes over

Just one week after Reddit moderators revolted against the firing of the site's director of talent Victoria Taylor, interim CEO Ellen Pao has resigned. The move was revealed on Reddit…