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How Iconic Charities Like Red Cross and United Way Are Trying to Win Over Millennial Donors

Are they up for the challenge?

Some of the country's most iconic nonprofits have struggled to raise money in the past few years while a new breed of philanthropic organization is thriving thanks in large part…

Facebook Calls for Philippines Typhoon Donations at Top of News Feed

Teams with Red Cross and asks for $10

Facebook is asking for $10 donations to the American Red Cross at the top of every user's News Feed to help those in need for assistance after the destructive Typhoon…

Ad of the Day: Australian Red Cross Goes for Laughs With an Apocalyptic Paperclip

Learn first aid, save the world from a gory fate

Getting a paperclip stuck in your eye has got to be a bad thing, but it's not the end of the world. Or is it? Animation house Monkeystack, based in Adelaide,…

Ad of the Day: Red Cross

Give something that means something, not just more junk, says this animated holiday spot from BBDO

Never has there been a more auspicious time to take a stand against holiday shopping gone berserk. The economy is still in a shambles, and the Occupy movements have hyper-consumerism…