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Why Keith Olbermann Picked Such a Dumb Fight on Twitter and Ended Up Suspended

A case of argue first, click later

ESPN commentator and world-champion friendmaker Keith Olbermann this week launched a Twitter war with college students who'd raised $13 million to fight pediatric cancer. The incident left Olbermann with a (paid)…

Lance and Lennay Week: 5 Brands That Got Hurt

Tour de France, Notre Dame and ESPN take hits

The sports world is on fire. But not the "fire" you associate with a quarterback completing numerous consecutive passes or a baseball team on a long winning streak. More like hellfire,…

Pennsylvania Billboards Still Whining About Joe Paterno

Group finds anyone and everyone to blame

One irritating thing about modern advertising is that every horrible opinion has a billboard espousing it. The most recent proof of this comes from Pennsylvania, where a group calling itself…