Topic: One Life to Live

The Web Is a Lab for Marketable TV Content, and Vice Versa

Shows are increasingly ping-ponging between platforms

The lines between digital and linear distribution are a lot less blurry than advertised when it comes to the business models of cable television and the online space, but content…

Soap Heavyweights One Life to Live, All My Children Revived Online

Massive advertising campaign touts retooled shows and more youthful approach

The soap opera All My Children is the most-watched show on Hulu, and retooled Web versions of that show and One Life to Live are among the most popular content…

Canceled ABC Soaps Find a New Home Online

'One Life to Live' and 'All My Children' will air on the Web

Great news, soap opera fans: the long-running ABC series All My Children and One Life to Live, whose cancellations were announced in April, are getting one more life to live—online. ABC…

Zynga Kills Soaps

Audience shifts as viewers become gamers

Erica Kane survived a dozen marriages across 40 seasons, along with car accidents, parental abandonment, and even toxemia. But was she done in by FarmVille. Kane, the iconic All My Children…