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Orange Is the New Black Star Says Your Brand Should Do This to Reach Latinos

It starts with who you're hiring

Orange Is the New Black star Dascha Polanco sat down with Valdez Productions president Jeff Valdez to discuss the rise of Latinas in media, entertainment and technology at the 4A's…

How FX Competes for New Series Without a Netflix-Size Budget

Personal touch, marketing prowess give network an advantage

As streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu snap up original series away from linear networks and lure creators with big paydays and promises of creative autonomy, their competitors have…

Diabolical House of Cards Ads in D.C. Metro Reference a Crime Committed There on the Show

Underwood is 'a push in the right direction'

New ads for House of Cards reference a now-infamous scene early in Season 2 where—spoiler alert—Frank Underwood pushes a certain aquaintance in front of a D.C. Metro train. Meant to…

Q&A: Director of The Jinx Says 'Making a Murderer' Left Him With a Terrible Feeling

And why he's still following the Durst case

Producer-director Andrew Jarecki says he continues to follow the subject of his most celebrated project, The Jinx, but he's not sure what a follow-up might look like. The 2015 HBO true-crime…

6 Ways Netflix Viewing Habits Vary Around the World

The first look at how platform's global use differs by place and device

BARCELONA, Spain—No two nations are alike, and apparently neither are their Netflix habits. It has barely been three months since the Los Gatos, Calif., company announced its worldwide expansion at the Consumer…

Over 19 Million Viewers in the U.S. Watched Making a Murderer in Its First 35 Days

Symphony said streaming spiked over the holidays

As usual, Netflix isn't saying a word about how many of its subscribers watched its riveting documentary series Making a Murderer. But according to Symphony Advanced Media, which began sharing…

Ad of the Day: Netflix Urges You to 'Binge for Love' in Romantic Valentine's Day Ad

The way to her heart? It's through her favorite show

We've already seen the Netflix data that says young people use their favorite shows and movies as guide posts for compatibility when looking for a partner. And here's a new…

Netflix and Chill? Here's How the Streaming Site Really Influences Dating

Based on a survey of 1,000 millennials

To the public, "Netflix and chill" is just a euphemism for casual sex—or any unspoken intentions thereof—conceived in residual Puritanical shame. For Netflix, though, it's the best kind of product…

YouTube Debuts First Original Content, but Won't Say How Many Subscribed to Its Service

Not a lot, at least according to creator Hank Green's poll

YouTube Red launched last October, but the paid version of the popular video platform is getting its close-up today, debuting its first four original shows. As with any new subscription service…

Feel the Urge to Netflix and Chill? Have We Got the Airbnb Listing for You!

Bringing the meme to life

It's no igloo, but finally there's an Airbnb apartment specifically made to Netflix and chill. Available in New York for a paltry $400 a night (almost the same price as a Sofitel…