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Australia Relieved as Theft of 33-Foot Mango Turns Out to Be a Marketing Stunt

Nando's admits to 'borrowing' giant fruit

There's something about roadside advertising, from Hasslehoff cutouts to giant headphones, that turns drunk morons into thieves. But every now and again, someone pulls off a heist that's so fantastic,…

Black Men Chase White Woman in Ad That Only South Africans Will Get

Nando's captures hassle of evading 'car guards'

For those of us outside South Africa, the new Nando's restaurant spot below, celebrating one of the "25 reasons we love South Africa," is super awkward on first viewing. A…

Nando's Ad With Mugabe, Dead Dictators Pulled in Zimbabwe

Chain cites threat to workers there

Zimbabwean strongman funnyman Robert Mugabe cavorts with other reviled world leaders—Mao, Saddam, Gaddafi, Idi Amin, P.W. Botha—in this amusing spot from the Nando's fast-food chain in South Africa. The commercial…