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Jordan-Ali Rap Battle Scores on YouTube

While VitalyzdTV's insane prank takes off

A look at the top of the VideoWatch/VidIQ charts reveals a few things: Epic Rap Battles of History continues to have a huge third season. But while a battle between…

Muhammad Ali Is Star and Subject of Louis Vuitton's Latest Ads

Legendary boxer appears in print, is saluted in film

Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign isn't just about classy celebrity photos. Well, OK, it kind of is. But the fashion brand knocks it out of the park with its latest…

Newsweekly Conceptual Covers on the Rise—Again

Where some see controversy, others see ideas

Times may be tough for newsweeklies on the advertising and circulation fronts, but they’re having a bit of fun lately. While Time and Bloomberg Businessweek collected top honors from their…