Topic: Mother's Day

Groupon Lets You Send a Life-Size, 3-D Version of Yourself to Mom for Mother's Day

But it's going to cost you

If you're planning to drop $30,000 on the woman who gave you life this Mother's Day—and she's the type of woman who would appreciate a 3-D-printed, life-size version of you—well,…

This Agency's Mother-in-Law Cards for Mother's Day Are Sweet, Except When They're Not

Humanaut gets honest for Felt

What do you get for a mother who is not really your mother, but is still kinda your mother, for Mother's Day? How about card that will make her feel…

How JetBlue Achieved the Impossible: Getting Passengers to Love It When Babies Cry

A glare-free Mother's Day stunt from MullenLowe

The only thing worse than sitting next to a crying baby on a long flight is being the parent holding the crying baby. You know you're responsible for everyone else's…

Apple Is Using Real iPhone Footage to Put Moms in the Spotlight for Mother's Day

Time to start scrolling your camera roll

Apple's new Mother's Day video might be a week early, but there really isn't a bad time to tell your mom you love her, right? Right. Also, the way Apple…

Moms Explain What Their Kids Do in Advertising in This Agency's Mother's Day Video

Basically, they have no idea

Creative and technology agency MRY celebrated Mother's Day by having its staffers video chat with their moms. And along the way, the moms were asked what they think their kids…

Samsung's Funny Mother's Day Ad Reminds You How Bad Your Mom Is at Texting

Finally, something that isn't (too) sappy

Mother's Day has become one big cryfest for advertisers—a time to see how choked up they can make viewers. That kind of sentimentality is fine, when communicated well, but there's…

Tempur-Pedic Knows Exactly What Every Sleep-Deprived Mom Wants for Mother's Day

Pull the heartstrings, push the product

Hallmark's "Put Your Heart to Paper" campaign featured interviews with people who didn't know their moms were watching. Now, Tempur-Pedic has hit it big with the opposite—interviews with moms who…

Britain's Royals Bumble Their Way Through Mother's Day in Charming Spot for Body Shop

Treating mom like a queen is never easy

When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, it turns out the British royal family is just as inept as everyone else.   That, at least, is the joke at the heart…

Kevin Durant's Touching MVP Speech Is Now an NBA Mother's Day Ad

'The only one that really believed in me'

If Donald Sterling is the feel-bad story of the NBA Playoffs, Kevin Durant represents something altogether different. His humble and heartfelt tribute to his mom during the Tuesday ceremony, where he…

Be a Better Son or Daughter This Mother's Day With a Legally Binding 'Momtract'

Give her back the control she craves

Sometimes it takes a little boost to be better to your mother. It takes a legally binding contract. Luckily, that's exactly what Mother New York has come up with to…