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Motel 6 Apparently Aired the Greatest Radio Ad of the 2014 Super Bowl

Take that, TV snobs

All this talk about the TV commercials on the Super Bowl, but who could forget about the radio commercials? Well, almost everyone. But not WestwoodOne, which aired the game on…

Ad of the Day: Motel 6

The hotel chain celebrates its 50th birthday with a journey through the past

Motel 6 wants you to know it's still around. To celebrate its 50th birthday, the highway hotel chain is taking a retrospective road trip of sorts. A new spot for the…

No one told Motel 6 what bands do in hotels

Motel 6 has joined with Primary Wave Music, a song publisher, for "Rock Yourself to Sleep," a promotion that offers bands free hotel rooms while on the road. The…