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Watch Out Hamburger Helper, Midas Has a Talking Hand Now Too

New campaign is The Martin Agency's first work for the chain

Midas and The Martin Agency are putting their faith in a talking hand. A new campaign breaking tonight uses a disembodied golden hand with a face in its palm to represent…

McDonald's Reviews N.Y. Co-op Account

Contest is down to 2 shops

McDonald’s is reviewing its creative account for the New York region—one of its largest in the country—but is only considering roster agencies. The region encompasses New York City, the lower Hudson…

Ad of the Day: McDonald's

If it's good enough for marauding aliens, it's good enough for you

Hey there, puny human. Get your fleshy self into gear and over to the nearest McDonald's, stat. If you're late, you might find your jones for a frugal soda will…