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How Marketers at Music Fests Are Engaging Fans on Site and Online

Using new tech, new tricks

Those tickets to Lollapalooza weren't cheap, and they didn't even come with red carpet-style perks that could help turn the upcoming Chicago show with Metallica and Paul McCartney into a…

Lars Ulrich Has the Best Line in the Outtakes From Metallica's SportsCenter Ad

Getting by in a post-Mariano world

Wieden + Kennedy's latest SportsCenter spot, featuring Metallica, has gotten lots of attention, and almost 800,000 YouTube views, since its debut a week ago. The veteran band visits ESPN HQ and…

Guitar Center Turns Video of Metallica's James Hetfield Into an Ad

Original clip got 1.7 million views

A new Guitar Center ad featuring Metallica's James Hetfield wasn't meant to be an ad at all. The 30-second execution was cut from a longer video that the retailer filmed to…

How Selling Out Can Help or Hurt Your Band

12 case studies of cashing in, blowing up and facing the music

Musicians have always struggled with whether licensing their music or becoming a spokesperson for a brand will affect the relationship they have with their fans. Some artists have been able…

Meatballs and Metallica Are Among the Mashed in this Week's Movie Trailer Round Up

This week's movie releases seen only through the lens of their trailers

Also, Scarlett Johansson in Joseph Gordon Levitt's Don Jon and Paula Patton in Baggage Claim